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RA INSPIRE was established in 2015. We focus on inspiring and developing Estonian tourism companies and other organizations. We have personal experience in the Estonian transport and tourism sector and the field of human resource management for over 20 years. We are here to make your life better and your business/organization more successful. The prerequisite for this is our willingness and ability to listen to You.

Juhan Anupõld

Has been dealing with all aspects of the tourism life cycle. Including, among other things, supporting grant schemes for regions, municipalities and companies; management of nationwide product development projects; developing environmental awareness among accommodations, beaches and marinas; destination marketing for domestic and foreign markets; research and analyses in the tourism sector; offering private tours and and day trips and mentoring other companies as a tourism entrepreneur.

Maia Randver-Anupõld

Maia Randver-Anupõld

Has worked for more than 20 years in human resource management in various transport, industrial and service companies. In recent years, he has mainly focused on HR work in international companies such as Avon, Magnetic MRO and ETS NORD. Certified coach and author of articles on human resource management.

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