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Coaching ehk kootsing


A great opportunity to use coaching to meet your personal and business goals.

Often, managers need a coach to come along to train people in leadership skills and, through it, be more productive in their work. Coach is also a partner who reflects and assists the manager in his / her daily work and activities - helping him/her to notice different patterns and perspectives. The coach is there to assist the team in enhancing team collaboration and culture, managing change. Typical topics in team coaching are communication, roles, collaboration skills and conflicts - but coach always focuses on the individual needs of the team.

My coaching philosophy: I'm in present, listening and thinking along with my Coachee. It is important to have mutual trust, which helps the Coachee in the coaching process to find suitable and new solutions. Each person is unique. The wish to strengthen the Coachee's belief in oneself will help a person to become clear in one´s wishes and abilities. At the same time, I share my experiences. I encourage to work towards the desired result.

Goals of Coaching

  • To achieve the desired results
  • Overcoming obstacles to move toward the goal
  • Encourage people to use their resources in the most efficiently and effectively way
  • Manage changes in a healthy way
  • To inspire, create inner strength and balance